Wedding Accessories and Awe Inspired Options

The final elegant touches can be tricky to negotiate when you are surrounded by glittering jewels or muted florals. Once you have your gown decided, it is vital to take a few different wedding accessories accessories into consideration prior to purchasing. Don’t feel...
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10 things you should know before the wedding day

A wedding is a huge undertaking. For many Charlotte, NC brides, the journey to the altar and beyond feels like navigating an unknown sea. It’s no wonder that the process can oftentimes seem overwhelmingly stressful. But, here’s what you need to know: Almost every...
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Our wedding, bridesmaid dress selections can’t be beat

Hands down, New York Bride & Groom offers the best dress selection for brides and bridesmaids. We exist to make your bridal vision come to life and we have the best designers and pricing to transform these dreams into reality. Brides and bridesmaids have superior...
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Wedding Accessories and Awe Inspired Options

The final elegant touches can be tricky to negotiate when you are surrounded by glittering jewels or muted florals. Once you have your gown decided, it is vital to take a few different wedding accessories accessories into consideration prior to purchasing. Don’t feel too overwhelmed when your entire bridal party hands you different options to try on. Remember, they simply want you to look and feel as radiant as possible on your wedding day.

For featured Metal Flower Clip

Enjoy unrivaled sparkle with a swirling clip of metallic flowers encrusted with sumptuous rhinestones. This gorgeous design adds stunning beauty to your hairstyle and is available in silver or gold to match your gown.

Available in gold or silver. Shown with 1-tier fingertip scalloped and embroidered veil (V7227 – available with silver or gold embroidery).

quoteChoosing your headpieces, jewelry, and purse will all depend on your dress selection, more so in the detail and style. It is necessary to keep the following in mind when purchasing or rummaging through your friends’ closets for your accessories:

If your dress is a bold print, heavily jeweled, or full of Hollywood glam, you don’t want to take focus away from your dress. Pick understated pieces that will add to your look and accentuate the uniqueness of your dress.

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Clips Can Fit Amongst the Most Elaborate Hair Do’s

A rhinestone clip as pictured above is a wonderful option as you can strategically place it without compromising the rest of your hair. Simple to attach with the staying power you need to dance the night away make it a perfect option and keepsake.

Metal Matching Tips

Ensure that your attention to detail is fluent throughout your ensemble. Different shades of metal will work best with your gown. If your rings are white gold, platinum, yellow gold or rose gold, try to use them as a base to match the rest of your accessories. Most vendors will have a variety of options available. Check that the following all look fabulous together:

  • Earrings
  • Necklace
  • Waist Belts and Clips
  • Shoe Embellishments
  • Anklets
  • Bracelets
  • Hair Accessories

Au Natural

new york bride accessoiresPerhaps you want to incorporate nature instead of metallic embellishments. Using natural floral head pieces, earrings, wrist corsages or bracelets is all the rage. Adding some blooms to your barefoot sandals or even an elaborate floral ring for some of your photos is a lovely yet unique nod to tradition. Have fun with your glue gun and create some vintage hair combs for your wedding party. Or visit your florist well in advance with some pictures of what you envision to make your day even more memorable. Greenery options work exceptionally well too!

10 things you should know before the wedding day

A wedding is a huge undertaking. For many Charlotte, NC brides, the journey to the altar and beyond feels like navigating an unknown sea. It’s no wonder that the process can oftentimes seem overwhelmingly stressful.

But, here’s what you need to know: Almost every bride feels this way at some point. The sense of being swept up in the tide that you are currently experiencing is not new or exclusive to you, so don’t feel isolated by it.

The best way to deal with anxiety-inducing situations is to discuss them out in the open. That is why we love this Huffington Post blog entry by Caci Cooper called “10 Things I Wish Someone Had Told Me Before My Wedding Day.” As soon as we saw it, we knew we had to share.

Here is the opening paragraph…

My wedding planning experience started out like any other new bride-to-be, with a proposal. Once the elation and phone calls calmed down, I dove right into planning a wedding. Whew, what an undertaking that was! Wedding planning isn’t easy, there’s so much out there! Everything from the check lists to the blogs and magazines, it’s overwhelming. What isn’t out there is a glut of real honest information that isn’t tailored towards pushing you to buy something, pin something or teach you etiquette. I wanted to read real stories of real people having problems, of breaking down crying because their emotions were just so blown out from the overwhelming responsibility of planning this one special day… and it just wasn’t out there.

You should definitely click HERE and read all 10 of Caci’s points. If you’re feeling out-of-sorts, they will help you regain some perspective on the cyclone you feel like you’re riding.

Because we understand what you’re going through, our goal here at New York Bride & Groom is to make your shopping experiences for your wedding gown, bridesmaids dresses, accessories and tuxedo rentals the best and simplest they can possibly be. It’s also one of the main reasons we never require an appointment. Shop when it’s convenient for you; we’ll be here waiting with a full staff.

Our wedding, bridesmaid dress selections can’t be beat

Hands down, New York Bride & Groom offers the best dress selection for brides and bridesmaids. We exist to make your bridal vision come to life and we have the best designers and pricing to transform these dreams into reality. Brides and bridesmaids have superior selection in more than 15,000 square feet of modern luxury when they shop at NYB&G.

Sweet and sassy

Every bride wants her trip down the aisle to cause happy gasps of delight and elicit smiles and tears of joy due to the breathtaking beauty. We aim to please. New York Bride & Groom has the ultimate dress selection to help you look and feel your most fabulous on this enchanting day. Check out our full range of sweet and sassy gowns if you want to take a break from the traditional while still being as captivating as ever. Shorter gowns, tea length and funky necklines are all part of this category. Insert a memorable splash of sassiness into your gown if it suits your personality and your theme.

Bohemian rhapsody

If flowing romance is what you have envisioned, we have a myriad of gorgeous gowns fitting this description. Enjoy gliding down the aisle in feminine perfection. Soft, flowing material options are ideal for the forest, beach or wildflower bride. These options look divine for those planning a green wedding or having a traditional ceremony with a natural theme.


Will your bridesmaids be glowing in sun-kissed shades or dazzling jewel tone dresses? Whatever your wedding theme and style dictates, New York Bride & Groom has decadent fabric samples on hand for you to see, touch and feel. We can order everything within the same color family to help you achieve that personalized, unique beauty or offer a selection of different dress styles in the same shade. Your preferences will be delivered on time and on budget at NYB&G!

Don’t forget to try on some of our exquisite colored bridal gowns as well. You don’t have to let your bridesmaids have all the fun in the color department. Many brides are opting to break away from the ivory tradition and embrace pastels or boldness themselves. Only you know what you love and our dedicated staff will help you find the perfect gown.

Tantalizing traditional

While offering our ladies the latest and greatest is a huge part of our business, we also cater to traditional brides seeking something more demure. If you prefer modesty and are hoping to channel your inner Princess Kate, we’ve got you covered…literally. Sleeve options that are sheer or bespoke delicate lace provide numerous options. We stock a variety of wedding dresses with full sleeves, cap sleeves and anything else you can imagine. Our expert alterations department can often add, remove or adjust sleeves and straps so that your personal vision is obtained.

No need for an appointment

We look forward to seeing you and your entire wedding party soon. Our no-appointment policy makes shopping at NYB&G easy, fun and relaxed. Just the way shopping should be. Be sure to check out our separate tuxedo rental department while you’re here taking care of your bridesmaids’ dresses at the same time. We also offer a stunning array of accessories to help you put the finishing touches on your day. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff of bridal consultants looks forward to assisting you soon.

Choose a wedding photography package that meets your needs

Once you have selected a photographer to shoot your wedding ceremony, the next step is to choose which photo package to go with, since many wedding photographers will offer different bundles at various price points. These packages should include the number of pictures to be offered, the mix of printouts and digital files, the length of time that the photographer will be available and more. Sometimes the choices can even include makeup artists and hairstylists if you choose.

Commonly, a simple bridal photograph deal doesn’t contain lots of extra items. It should commonly provide photographs of the husband and wife kissing after exchanging wedding vows and exchanging rings, cutting the wedding cake together with each other and the collection photos of relatives and buddies, which usually is somewhat standard for a lot of marriage ceremony. Now this elementary wedding photography bundle is fairly low-cost but it’s a good idea to complement this by getting your friends and relatives to utilize their own cameras to take more photos. It can definitely cost more however utilizing more than one wedding photographer at the marriage ceremony will lead to a lot more photographs shot and much more chance at capturing quite a few fantastic experiences.

While you move up different packages out there, the greater services should be able to give you a videographer that will take your special day on movie which may be extra special compared to the fundamental service of some prints as well as fewer photographers on the day. Still higher-priced packages can incorporate prenuptial or engagement photos shot weeks or several weeks before your wedding reception. This sort of photography package deal can sometimes include a slide show of your pics to be shown in the course of the wedding ceremony party.

In picking your actual bundle you need to choose what types of shots you want shot. As an example, are you interested in shots of the new bride getting dressed, why not a number of candid images of the bride and groom as they are planning for the special day or even special images of the parents and also grandpa and grandma of the special couple. Another essential concern to contemplate is definitely the destinations of the pictures. Travel time period also need to be taken into consideration when selecting the wedding photography arrangement. Nearly all products usually consist of getting pictures taken in your home, and then going to the chapel then traveling to the wedding celebration. With respect to the destination of each wedding venue, this can accumulate a lots of drive time in which photographs are not being taken, resulting in further package.

We often think so much about what happens on the wedding day and getting that set up correctly that it’s easy to loose site of the end product. When the day has passed and perhaps you’ve returned from your honeymoon, the process of preparing your wedding album is already underway. Choosing which photos to include is always a challenge as to include one means leaving another out. A professional wedding photographer can help you here. Firstly you need to know that you can choose from album selections that represents your taste, style and budget. Any limitations on how many prints can be included can be overcome by provision of a memory stick or CD with more selections. You may prefer a digital package or a classic leather bound story book album, or something in between. Be sure to check out the photographer’s website for options here and have a clear understanding of what you get for your money. A professional wedding photography service usually allows you to view in private your pictures taken on the day. This allows you to decide which one s will be printed and included in your chosen wedding album. The first reflection on your wedding album is a terrific and most gratifying moment for the bride and groom, especially when your photographer has taken the time to make it really smart through professional attentiveness.

With regards to the photographer you’re looking at; it should be easy to get a photo album, one or two larger sized wedding party shots and even have your wedding day pictures placed on a disk or memory stick in some electronic digital form. Whatever you decide and require or perhaps would like it is essential to talk about it together with your wedding photographer to get a package deal that may be great for both you and your price range. You only need to know what you wish and just how much you’ll have to put in to find the most suitable wedding photography package.

Don’t let wedding planning take away your joy

The period after engagement brings a lot of joy and excitement to couples but this becomes short-lived due to the hassles and stress of wedding preparation. Running around looking for wedding service providers and vendors can put a strain on a couple at a time when they are supposed to be enjoying their love.

Trying to do everything by yourself as couple can be very exhausting due to lack of knowledge on professional vendors and suppliers. Make sure you don’t let wedding planning take away your joy by hiring the services of a wedding planner.

Why should you hire a wedding planner?

You get time to enjoy love
Getting the services of a wedding planner gives you time to enjoy love right after your engagement. With a wedding planner, the stress of planning and coordinating a wedding is taken away from you because you have someone to run errands and coordinate vendors and service providers on your behalf.

You get professional services
Wedding planners are trained to do the job and have the necessary experience required to organize and plan a wedding. A wedding planner knows the basics of wedding planning and how to select the right planners to make your wedding a success. Couples may not have the knowledge to choose professional service and this is where a wedding planner comes in to make sure the couple gets the best.

Help you in working with a budget
Wedding planners work on strict budgets set aside by a couple. Once you give a wedding planner your budget, they make sure they work with it to give you the best wedding. If you are working with a limited budget, its best to delegate the job to a planner who will help you work around it. Wedding planners are also able to work with big budgets giving you value for your money.

Solving crises
In the process of wedding planning, crises are likely to occur or things may not go as planned. The work of a wedding planner is to solve crises and looking for alternatives in case things go wrong during the event or in the course of planning. Solving a crises as a couple may be difficult because of lack of professional knowledge on how to go about it.

Bringing creativity
Creativity in wedding planning is very important. This involves making your wedding stand out of the ordinary weddings. Wedding planners are well trained and have a vast experience in making weddings look as creative as possible. This is not the same planning your own wedding without knowledge regarding creativity.

Decision making
Making decision among various options can be difficult especially when you want to make an instant choice. Wedding planners always know the best decision to make depending on your wedding theme and what you want the wedding to look like. Making decisions on your own can bring a lot of pressure and this adds to unnecessary stress during wedding preparation and planning.

A wedding planner helps you in saving time
Wedding planners can plan a wedding within a very limited period of time. This is because this is what they do for a living so they dedicate their time into planning your wedding. This is different from planning your wedding or friends assisting you in planning. Friends may get busy with their own work and you may also get busy making it difficult to plan.

Fulfilling your dreams
Wedding planners listen to your dream wedding expectations and they make it their job to fulfill those jobs. They work hard to make sure that they fulfill whatever you have imagined your wedding to be. They know how to get the right services and skills that will make a difference in your wedding. Wedding planners know that by fulfilling your dreams they are building their portfolio and creating great referrals for themselves.

Providing advice when you are stuck
There are many things concerning service providers and events management that a couple may not know. The work of a wedding planner is to provide the couple with professional advice that will help them in making reasonable decision regarding their wedding. This avoids wasting resource spend in going for substandard services and choosing the wrong vendors.

Rustic wedding locations are the hot trend right now

There was a time when a “rustic” locale meant welcome to nowheresville. You wouldn’t even think of traveling there let alone plan a wedding in that location. The tides have definitely turned and one can find the term “rustic chic” bandied about everywhere now. Rustic wedding locations are hot right now and prospective brides and grooms can’t seem to get enough of them.

The result is sweet because every day we have new designers and event planners come up with innovative new ideas for rustic weddings, one more unique than the other. At the time when simple lines and minimalistic designs rule the market, the popularity of the rustic style is quite a pleasant surprise. The Mason jar wine glasses, bare wooden tables with mismatched vases, wildflowers adorning the venue add a lot more personal touch than a big generic hotel ballroom.

From country estates to lake houses to farms with barn-turned-wedding-venues, these locations create a quaint, charming effect on the entire event. Instead of a tightly bound and over coordinated affair, one will find more textures and color to the décor. The arrangement is more unique and organic, matching with the individualist trend that dominates the millennials. Along with its more refined cousin, vintage, the rustic style is definitely here to stay.

Despite the simplicity, however, rustic does not always cheap. In fact, it can be quite a surprise to see how much time and effort is needed to pull off the rustic style and make it appear naturally quaint.

So, why are rustic wedding locations so hot right now? Here are some reasons for their popularity:

  • They offer a more relaxed environment
  • It offers more room for customization so every wedding is unique
  • Fast paced life means more people look forward to peace and quiet, even for weddings
  • They often match with destination wedding plans, combining two unique ideas for one great wedding
  • It is very environment friendly which is a big hit with the planet lovers.

The last point is actually a huge consideration. Rustic wedding planners are often re-purposing or “up-cycling” items from the local scene as well as from the family attic stash to use as décor or theme accessories. Use of natural organics is a common action as well. This is a smart and clean way to take care of the environment and reduce trash, while saving loads of décor expenses. Since rustic weddings take place in natural settings, and often in well-preserved locations, taking care of the premises and preventing natural damage is an important criterion.

If you are still wondering why rustic wedding locations are hot right now, just consider the incredible fusion opportunity they present. This is more than brides mixing it up for their own ensemble or the bridesmaid dresses. More than anything they use these exotic locations to create unique themes for their weddings, fostering a wonderful celebratory style. From using vintage and mismatched china and vases, there is multi-dimensional depth to the décor and ambience. More people tying the knot want the fun eclectic feel and wonderful country chic stamp on their special day. What’s more, despite being hot and in demand rustic wedding adapt easily to flexible budgets. They are sweeter and more diverse than an ordinary wedding theme, which blends chic and comfort seamlessly.

Here are some features that prevail upon the rustic wedding trend:

  • Burlap, lace, twine in abundance
  • Cowboy (and girl) boots
  • Plaid, wool and linen
  • Checks and suspenders
  • Moss covered monograms
  • Lots of sweet tea
  • Mason jar with wildflowers
  • Homemade wedding cake on wooden cake stand
  • Homemade desserts and pies
  • Rustic chalkboard/wooden cocktail and menu sign

More often than not, rustic weddings are held on a private property that belongs to a near or dear one. There is a stronger bond between the venue and the wedding, with the connection to the family’s history enriching the day. It makes the event more special and personal, imbibing the emotions and energy of everyone into the very air. It makes for a more sentimental and heartwarming day, with indelible memories for all. Now that you know why rustic wedding locations are hot right now maybe it will help you decide on what kind of theme you want for your special day.