There was a time when a “rustic” locale meant welcome to nowheresville. You wouldn’t even think of traveling there let alone plan a wedding in that location. The tides have definitely turned and one can find the term “rustic chic” bandied about everywhere now. Rustic wedding locations are hot right now and prospective brides and grooms can’t seem to get enough of them.

The result is sweet because every day we have new designers and event planners come up with innovative new ideas for rustic weddings, one more unique than the other. At the time when simple lines and minimalistic designs rule the market, the popularity of the rustic style is quite a pleasant surprise. The Mason jar wine glasses, bare wooden tables with mismatched vases, wildflowers adorning the venue add a lot more personal touch than a big generic hotel ballroom.

From country estates to lake houses to farms with barn-turned-wedding-venues, these locations create a quaint, charming effect on the entire event. Instead of a tightly bound and over coordinated affair, one will find more textures and color to the décor. The arrangement is more unique and organic, matching with the individualist trend that dominates the millennials. Along with its more refined cousin, vintage, the rustic style is definitely here to stay.

Despite the simplicity, however, rustic does not always cheap. In fact, it can be quite a surprise to see how much time and effort is needed to pull off the rustic style and make it appear naturally quaint.

So, why are rustic wedding locations so hot right now? Here are some reasons for their popularity:

  • They offer a more relaxed environment
  • It offers more room for customization so every wedding is unique
  • Fast paced life means more people look forward to peace and quiet, even for weddings
  • They often match with destination wedding plans, combining two unique ideas for one great wedding
  • It is very environment friendly which is a big hit with the planet lovers.

The last point is actually a huge consideration. Rustic wedding planners are often re-purposing or “up-cycling” items from the local scene as well as from the family attic stash to use as décor or theme accessories. Use of natural organics is a common action as well. This is a smart and clean way to take care of the environment and reduce trash, while saving loads of décor expenses. Since rustic weddings take place in natural settings, and often in well-preserved locations, taking care of the premises and preventing natural damage is an important criterion.

If you are still wondering why rustic wedding locations are hot right now, just consider the incredible fusion opportunity they present. This is more than brides mixing it up for their own ensemble or the bridesmaid dresses. More than anything they use these exotic locations to create unique themes for their weddings, fostering a wonderful celebratory style. From using vintage and mismatched china and vases, there is multi-dimensional depth to the décor and ambience. More people tying the knot want the fun eclectic feel and wonderful country chic stamp on their special day. What’s more, despite being hot and in demand rustic wedding adapt easily to flexible budgets. They are sweeter and more diverse than an ordinary wedding theme, which blends chic and comfort seamlessly.

Here are some features that prevail upon the rustic wedding trend:

  • Burlap, lace, twine in abundance
  • Cowboy (and girl) boots
  • Plaid, wool and linen
  • Checks and suspenders
  • Moss covered monograms
  • Lots of sweet tea
  • Mason jar with wildflowers
  • Homemade wedding cake on wooden cake stand
  • Homemade desserts and pies
  • Rustic chalkboard/wooden cocktail and menu sign

More often than not, rustic weddings are held on a private property that belongs to a near or dear one. There is a stronger bond between the venue and the wedding, with the connection to the family’s history enriching the day. It makes the event more special and personal, imbibing the emotions and energy of everyone into the very air. It makes for a more sentimental and heartwarming day, with indelible memories for all. Now that you know why rustic wedding locations are hot right now maybe it will help you decide on what kind of theme you want for your special day.