A wedding is a huge undertaking. For many Charlotte, NC brides, the journey to the altar and beyond feels like navigating an unknown sea. It’s no wonder that the process can oftentimes seem overwhelmingly stressful.

But, here’s what you need to know: Almost every bride feels this way at some point. The sense of being swept up in the tide that you are currently experiencing is not new or exclusive to you, so don’t feel isolated by it.

The best way to deal with anxiety-inducing situations is to discuss them out in the open. That is why we love this Huffington Post blog entry by Caci Cooper called “10 Things I Wish Someone Had Told Me Before My Wedding Day.” As soon as we saw it, we knew we had to share.

Here is the opening paragraph…

My wedding planning experience started out like any other new bride-to-be, with a proposal. Once the elation and phone calls calmed down, I dove right into planning a wedding. Whew, what an undertaking that was! Wedding planning isn’t easy, there’s so much out there! Everything from the check lists to the blogs and magazines, it’s overwhelming. What isn’t out there is a glut of real honest information that isn’t tailored towards pushing you to buy something, pin something or teach you etiquette. I wanted to read real stories of real people having problems, of breaking down crying because their emotions were just so blown out from the overwhelming responsibility of planning this one special day… and it just wasn’t out there.

You should definitely click HERE and read all 10 of Caci’s points. If you’re feeling out-of-sorts, they will help you regain some perspective on the cyclone you feel like you’re riding.

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